Marketing Support

Our talented professionals and award-winning* tools help you meet your marketing goals.


Our mission is to help you create thoughtful marketing plans leveraging our vast expertise, collaboration with other successful advisors and industry best practices. We consider everything from resource constraints to the attributes of your niche market during the planning process. The result is a marketing campaign that is actionable, measureable and meets your specific goals. Whether you’re looking to refresh your brand, update your website, incorporate social media into your activities or identify “surprise and delight” opportunities, think of us as your source for marketing strategy.

Your Marketing Command Center

The Connect2Clients® (C2C) platform enables you to develop and manage ongoing campaigns for current and prospective clients on a personalized basis. C2C targets multiple digital channels, including email, websites, mobile apps, and social media. The platform provides a wide array of compliance-approved and regularly updated content across a broad range of categories, from market commentary articles to email birthday cards. You can choose the types of content you want clients to receive, delivery methods, number of recipients, frequency of contact, campaign duration and other parameters—all from the integrated C2C portal.

Email & Greeting Card Tool

​Build Trust and Spark Meaningful Conversations

Initiate smart marketing strategies that are simple and scalable. We make it easy to segment your contacts and connect with elegant, meaningful messages. Everything is packaged in your branding with the option to customize. Enjoy the convenience of a direct sync with Redtail, a built-in compliance approval process, advanced reporting and more!

Social Media Scheduler

Connect, Comply, and Close More Business

Build your business through social media marketing with the Social Media Scheduler. Regularly scheduled pre-approved posts for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are provided and delivered automatically. Posts link to compelling content such as motion-graphic videos, articles and calculators.


Interactive Features Generate New Business

FMG Websites are loaded with “sticky” elements that draw prospects back for more. Eye-catching visuals, entertaining videos, informative online presentations, an optional personal message from you, and content that really matters. It’s more than a website—it’s an interactive experience that builds your client base and generates new referrals.


The Perfect Marketing Tool

Imagine a mobile app that allows you instant access to clients, builds loyalty and brand awareness, and best of all, that stays with your client at all times! The app is fully personalized and customized to reflect your firm's brand.

Advisor Testimonial

There is nothing else I know of that delivers quality compliant messages that are meaningful and easily delivered.

Dan Chen DC Strategies, Owner and Sole Principal

*Connect2Clients was selected as the 2014 Advisory Solutions Marketing Program of the Year by the members of the Money Management Institute.

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