Date: 05.09.13

Cetera Talks ‘the Truth’ About Transition

Los Angeles, CA – Advisors put their clients’ interests first. At times, this can prompt advisors to evaluate a broker-dealer change in search of improved technology platforms, broader product shelves, and a business-oriented compliance culture. In addition to meeting the needs of advisors across these competencies, Cetera Financial Group recognizes that there is an additional dimension to an advisor’s decision making process and is starting a new type of conversation with advisors through an advertising campaign launching this month.

“So often the conversation between recruiters and advisors focuses on the gains advisors could see if they join a new firm, but we believe that conversation isn’t congruent with an advisors’ actual decision-making experience,” said Susan Theder, chief marketing officer at Cetera Financial Group. “Advisors have doubts and concerns about a potential transition that a firm must recognize and address.”

The campaign is based on the principle of human psychology known in behavioral finance as loss aversion. As an advisor contemplates a transition, the following questions almost always crop up: Will clients follow me? What kind of support will I get to efficiently move my business? Will I be out of business during the transition?

“The reality is that humans are far more driven by a fear of loss than by expected gain,” Theder continued. “Cetera offers advisors everything they need to deliver exceptional client experiences, but also realizes that empathy and honesty, personal relationships and trust contribute to the decision making process as much, or more, than ‘shiny objects’.”

As part of the campaign, Cetera has launched an interactive website,, designed to address the many questions and concerns an advisor may have about moving to a new firm. The site includes transition calculators, detailed info-graphics, video testimonials, whitepapers, newsletters and more.

In addition to the new website, Cetera will make additional information available through webinars and advertising across national trade publications and websites.

Cetera partnered with creative agency, s2 Financial Marketing to conduct the research and develop the campaign designed to connect with advisors on the emotional aspects associated with changing firms.

About Cetera Financial Group

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