Professional Development

Growth of your business goes hand in hand with your professional growth. Our regional and national programs give you direct access to our senior executives and strategic partners as well as some of the top minds in the industry.


Stay on top with our breadth of education and training opportunities, providing you with crucial information regarding new products, services and regulatory requirements to ensure you can serve the ever-shifting needs of your clients. Our annual conference features best practices from peers and industry experts, information on trends in the industry, sales and marketing ideas, new technology tools and compliance training and updates.

One of our most anticipated events, the Cetera Advisors Awards Conference is one of the many ways we say thank you to our top representatives for their ongoing commitment and dedication to their clients. Their success is a measure of our success, and for their exceptional commitment, all attendees receive complimentary travel for themselves and a guest.

Training and Marketing Events

We view your career as a steady climb to higher and higher levels of understanding and industry knowledge, and we are committed to providing you with numerous ways to advance and expedite your success. From calls featuring insight from our executives and product sponsors to regional meetings and online multimedia educational opportunities that let you control the time and pace at which you learn, our goal is to make keeping pace with our fast-paced, ever-changing industry much, much easier.

Market Commentaries

Event-driven commentaries

Quarterly performance recaps

Sales and marketing tactics

Niche marketing

Personal branding

Transferring your business to a fee-based platform

Marketing to business owners—a step-by-step process

Business continuity planning

OSJ Training

Through our dedicated compliance team and the compliance department at Cetera Financial Group, we are able to draw upon our relationships with the individuals driving the changes—before those changes are enacted—and then efficiently communicate our strategies to our office of supervisory jurisdiction (OSJ) managers so they can proactively support the financial professionals they service. Our OSJ managers have strong relationships with our associates and interact regularly to stay informed. We also create multiple opportunities for questions to be answered on our monthly OSJ manager conference calls and during our educational sessions, such as our Connect Conference and our OSJ manager and sales support training sessions, where we can be sure they have the tools, resources and education they need to be successful.